Thursday, 10 May 2018

Grade 4 concert venue Rubric to be signed

The Grade 4 students are bringing home their concert venue Science Rubric today. Please sign, date, and return the rubric as soon as possible. Merci!

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Grade 4 Dance Showcase tomorrow

Hello everyone!

A reminder that Dance Showcase for Grade 4 is tomorrow. We will be leaving for Notre Dame High School at 9:15am sharp. Students should arrive at 8:45 am, enter by the front office doors, and meet me in the classroom (room 109) tomorrow morning to change into their costume before we leave. Also, students only need to bring a lunch tomorrow and NO technology.


Mme Corriveau

Thursday, 3 May 2018


Grade 4: Please note that the hard due date for the concert venue science project is tomorrow- Friday, May 4th 2018. 

Grade 6: A reminder that the rough draft of the French Fairytale is due tomorrow- Friday, May 4th 2018. 

Grade 6 music: Students have been rehearsing songs with the recorder from the following website at home: 

Note that next week, certain students will continue to be individually tested to move up (belt levels) as they have not yet progressed to the orange level.

Passed due assignments impact marks in the area of responsibility and organization on the report card.

Monday, 30 April 2018


The Grade 4 students had their Science-Light and Sound project assigned as homework last week. This assignment is due tomorrow- Tuesday, May 1st.


The Grade 6 students have been working on a rough draft of a Fairytale.  They have had 4 blocks of 60 minutes so far to write their ideas and start their rough draft. They will have 2 blocks of 60 minutes in class this week, however, the completed rough draft is due this Friday, May 4th. Students should be working on this written assignment at home depending on how much they have accomplished up to now. The criteria and their rough draft are in the Google Drive French folder.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Warmer weather is here!

Please remind your child to bring their water bottle to school since the warmer weather has arrived. Also, water bottles are always encouraged as hydration is important any time of the year! Here is a short article about the effects of drinking water and the brain:

Grade 4 Science project- HOMEWORK

Today, the Grade 4 students were asked to decide if they felt they needed to complete their light and sound science project at home based on how much work they have completed in class. We explicitly discussed time management in order to make this decision. Please discuss with your child at home as they should be able to articulate how much work they have completed and if they needed to bring home their science project or not.

The students were to draw a concert hall or venue and they label the light and sound vocabulary and concepts on their drawing. The vocabulary will be sent home with your child's assignment if they are bringing it home today as homework. They must also write simple sentences on the back of their drawing that explains the science concept from their drawing. For example: Il y a un echo parce que la musique est forte et elle voyage dans l'air. Elle bondit sur les montagnes du concert extérieur. (translation: there is an echo because the loud music from the speakers travels in the air and is bounced back by the mountains of the outdoor concert.

Thank you in advance for your support,

Mme Corriveau